We can almost put our heads on the table that you have either a black or white standard tshirt in the back of your cupboard and let us be the first to tell you that the tshirt is your new holy grail. Tshirts are a classic wardrobe piece, the silhouette and fabrication may differ season to season but the style remains !

We here at Zaynah are going to equip with you with styling tips for a basic tee, we are also going to show you how to go from a day to night look using this basic must have.

Rumor has it that Zaynah is soon to launch a basic tee capsule in not one, but seven color ways *inserts googly eyes*

Right, back into it.
How to style a day look:
A classic white tee, round neck ! Paired with blue denim jeans and a lavender pump stiletto. With a white structured or oversized blazer over ! Mix and match gold and silver jewelry on your neck and fingers! This look will leave you looking and feeling fresh and radiant. The play of light shades, denim and cotton tshirt fabric will give a playful look with the added blazer the look automatically is elevated to something so put together.

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Now lets take it to the pm’s:
Keep the basic white tee, pop on a leather black pants with a black strappy Sandle , a black clutch bag and one gold statement necklace with a watch to match. We at Zaynah feel the look would be incomplete without a red lip! The play of neutrals with a pop of bold red really takes this timeless look straight to all hours of the night- or early evening for our tired mamas, students and boss babes !

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The basis of a good wardrobe begins, well.. at the base , the basics form the foundation of your overall style. We are here to ensure that your foundation is strong so that you always can renovate the rest tailored to how you feel on the day. Keep your eyes wide open for our launch, we are so very excited to once again share with you clothing that is for the modest and modern woman !

Love always,

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