Trend Alert: Monochromatic Pastels

Sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? Hi boss babes. Welcome to the episode where we dive deep into color and how to make it work for you. Let’s start with simple definitions: 

Mono : meaning one and Chromatic : meaning color =one color , or simply a tonal variation of one color. Think different hues of pink ! 

Pastels: a soft and delicate shade of a color, so think watered down colors or colors mixed in with a white hue !

Now that we have down the nitty gritties of all the terms let’s get into styling do’s and do’nts.


  • The monochromatic outfit does not have to be the exact same shade of the hue! So break up the look with different tones of the same color to create depth in the said look.
  • Play with textures in a look that has the same hue. It once again creates an element of contrast instead of an outfit that is flat! Play with cotton and wool or silk and denim!

Play with monochromic looks away from a neutral color pallete. Use colors other than black, white, beige and brown !


  • The overuse of black can make the wearer appear shorter! Skillfully break up full black outfits with skin ! For example ankle or midriff showing to bring shape back to the outfit.
  • Don’t be scared to accessorize with gold or silver even if it does not match the selected color. This subtle break can pull the outfit together without distraction from the obvious choice of monochromatic pastels
  • What’s better than a blue sweater? A striped blue sweater. Patterns are often tossed to the side when making a monochromatic outfit. Patterns can be a crucial part to any outfit, they can add in a second color, and most certainly add texture to your look.


Lavender leather pants. A mint knitted jersey 2 tones lighter than the pants. Beige combat boots ! With a nude skirt extender in the textile georgette crepe. Add to the look a layer of 3 thin gold necklaces with a stack of gold rings on the middle finger. 

The play of leather, knit and crepe fabric will add in depth to the look. The pastels will keep the look soft instead of overwhelming the viewer. The skillful addition of jewelry will break from the use of color leaving you feeling confident and stylish ! 

Maybe just maybe, the possibility of new shirt extenders launching and a fruitful spring range is in the works. Keep an eye out at Zaynah for the trendiest pieces that you simply must have in your closets ! 

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