The only Hijab Tutorial you need.

Hi gorgeous babe! Today we are going to walk you through tying your hijab like our Zaynah models. Don’t you ever fear we’re here to take you through it step by step.

Let’s start with what you will need (we have kept it super simple):


Just by the way; our magnetic hijab pins are an easy, snag free way to secure your hijab! The strong magnet holds the hijab securely in place, without damaging your scarf. Easy on and off application. Made available to you in 3 colour capsules:

“Floral Hues”- 4 pairs of matte magnets: Barely nude, Pink peony, Sage green, Soho stone

“Queen of Hearts”- 4 pairs of heart magnets: Nude, Rosegold metallic, Black, Silver metallic

“All that glitters”- 4 pairs of round magnets: Metallic rosegold, silver, gold, matte black

I mean with the variety offered, how can you resist? Okay, we’re sorry. Back to the tutorial.

STEP 1: Place the under scarf onto you head after securing your hair into either a mid pony or bun.

STEP 2: Place Zaynah Chiffon scarf ontop of the under scarf, ensuring to equal sides.

STEP 3: Pin the scarf with the magnetic hijab pins to your choice of tightness.

STEP 4: Take one side of the equal hanging hijab pieces and drape it around the neck.

STEP 5: Take the remaining hanging piece of the hijab and throw it over your shoulder .

STEP 6: Use the Zaynag magnetic hijab pin to secure your scarf wherever you feel you need more tightness. TIP: add the pins to visible areas for an extra pazazz.

The thing about tying a hijab is that it’s uniquely you, freeing the process from rules. So, don’t be shy to play around- try various styles, play with textures and use utilitarian components as accessories (pins) this will aid in elevating the entire look. Remember boss babes, theres beauty in the tiniest detail.

Love always,


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