Style your Zaynah Tee, with us.

With the summer heat cranking up, it’s time to take a look at how to style an old classic that we at Zaynah are bringing back to the wardrobes of the elegant – the classic tee-shirt. 

The original tee is known these days as the crewneck, and the name comes from the fact that tees were first popularised by the United States navy, who issued it to all personnel as an undergarment to wear under their collared uniforms. Since then, tees have become a mainstay of everyday casual wear, but is also slowly becoming a bigger and bigger part of high fashion. There are a number of different tee-shirt styles available, but Zaynah believes that comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of elegance, so our basic tee has a classy v-neck collar, which accentuates the clavicle and frames the neck in a more stylish way than the crewneck collar.

When it comes to styling our tee, there are more possibilities than you might think. For instance, you can drastically alter your look and go from casual to more formal just by tucking the tee in. You can also combine it with jeans for everyday wear, or our Sienna suede joggers if you feel like athleisurely. Want to give your look a sense of formality and elegance? Consider pairing our tee with our Nova leather pant. You can even wear it with a skirt. Should the weather go from warm to hot, you can alter your look and your comfort level simply by pulling or rolling up the sleeves. 

Our tees, as well as the various bottoms you can pair them with, come in a wide variety of colours. Taking advantage of this allows you to put together looks using a variety of colour schemes. Once you practice all the ways in which you can build a look around our tees, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless. Using the right colour combinations and accessories, you can style our basic tee in a number of strikingly different ways, making it another excellent addition to the minimal wardrobe.

So, to sum up: never underestimate the versatility of the tee. Aside from being comfortable, the right tee worn the right way can look very stylish. With the right clothing combinations, it can even be the center of a formal and elegant look, without sacrificing comfort. Colour combinations and accessories go a long way towards increasing the variety of looks you can put together using a tee, but even just a plain tee and jeans without further adornment has its charm.

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