Our treasure- Sienna

The name “Sienna” has Latin origin. The Italian city of Siena is best known for its art treasures as well as the overall reddish brown shade. Zaynah has encapsulated the very definition of the name and presented it to you in tailored perfection!

This piece is a timeless winter must have ! The sienna trench is a suede finish coat with button lapel detail & elasticated hem now only available in 2 shades – black and brown.

As always we are going to show you how to style this piece of art by using art- we know it sounds absurd but you’re intrigued aren’t you (inserts winky face)?

Who's who in Raphael's School of Athens?
The School of Athens
Fresco by Raphael

The piece by Raphael was extraordinary for its time as it married the ideologies of art, science and philosophy. Zaynah has the principles of luxury, style and comfort married into perfect union. The School of Athens has gorgeous contradictory yet earthy, rich tones and heres how to style the black Sienna coat with these tones in mind:

  1. DRESS IT UP: the black sienna coat with black cigarette trousers, a reflective gold shirt and the classiest black stiletto pumps in your closet. The textural play of the reflective silky shirt and suede finish coat will play in the light creating an overall expensive feel. Making you feel like the bougie baddie that you are!
  2. KEEP IT CASUAL: with a black bodycon jersey dress and killer velvet Jordans with the black sienna coat draped over. You know the drill, by keeping the styling casual we highlight our statement piece, in this case the suede finish – in all its glory. While still bringing in the rich tones from Raphaels piece.
Air Jordan 1 Heiress Velvet 832596-640 | SneakerNews.com | Air jordans  retro, Air jordans, Velvet jordans

Our second styling inspiration is all thanks to Johannes Vermeer and his masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. The piece highlights the female figure being portrayed against a dark black background forcing the viewers eye to the subject. The Sienna coat aims to highlight you in a room.

Girl with a Pearl Earring - Wikipedia
Girl with a Pearl Earring,
by Johannes Vermeer
  1. DRESS IT UP: The brown Sienna coat is already strong in its hue, to dress it up and still keep it classy, us at Zaynah suggest a white wide legged pant and a white jersey turtleneck with a high white vinyl boot , drape a black hijab and you’re all set! Leaving you feeling classy! The play of the white hue against the brown tone will be an exceptional final result.
  2. KEEP IT CASUAL: throw on some blue mom jeans a cotton turtle neck and your fave sneakers, the blue in the jeans will further push forward the brown in the coat. This trusty combo will create the appearance of put-together and laid back. Throw your hair in a messy bun and your’e ready to walk into Eid lunch or the grocery run on a Tuesday morning!
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Us at Zaynah have just suggested styling to art, by wearing art using art. (Its a mouthful). We truly believe it though.

Love always,


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