Listen here, it is completely and utterly absurd that us in South Africa are a season behind in trends ! With most major retailers falling behind on schedule it leaves us the consumer lagging behind. The cool think about knowing of this really fashion forward brand: namely Zaynah 😉 is that the brand is independent and can keep up with international trends in real time. Yes, the seasonal difference in the fashion capitals of the world puts us at a disadvantage – but why not create for the future.

Six Standout Trends from New York Fashion Week

Let us elaborate a teeny bit more, you see we are currently in SS 2021 where as NY fashion week focused on design capsules of SS 2022 as the Western Hemisphere is currently in AW 2021. This gives us an overview into the future – and we at Zaynah are willing to keep our hawk eyes out on the newest trends to curate pieces appropriate for the Zaynah consumer. We are confident in saying that we know how to adapt mainstream trends into sustainable pieces for our consumer. We know you like your garments comfortable, affordable and effortlessly Chic.

With all that being said we are here to highlight our fave trends from NY FASHION WEEK 2021

  1. Bubble Hems

Designers keep bubble hems in their sartorial tool kit for when they want to marry simplicity and drama. They whipped up several dresses and skirts with puffy, space-occupying bottoms that will be sure to draw plenty of compliments. This of a bubble hemmed shirt paired with skinny jeans and a stilleto heel for eid !

Couture Fall 2016 Trend: Bubble Hems – WWD
  1. Clingy knits

The fervor around sexy sweater sis showing no signs of slowing down: Skin-tight knitwear that can be worn at a fancy dinner or on chilly morning en route to pilates was spotted all over the Spring 2022 runways in New York, often taking the form of a clingy midi dress.  We know clingy doesn’t sound modest,we are willing to adopt the full knit dress for our consumers !

SLFfashion — Fabric Trend for SS21: Full Knit. Fendi, Gabriela...
  1. 2 piece sets

Matching sets have become the winning formula for passing the dressing test at a casual soirée. Brands stuck to this easy closet recipe for next spring, pairing cropped tops with everything from Bermuda shorts to floor-length skirts in the same color or pattern. Us at Zaynah love a set moment, that’s why we are bringing back our Chloe set.

12 Cute Two-Piece Sets for Summer 2021: Matching Top & Bottom Sets

Maybe NY FASHION WEEK needs us and not us needing it. Jokes aside, the importance of the trickle down theory is a cycle that is so important for fashion and trends to live out its course. If it was not showcased on the runway it would not be on your body. Lucky for you, our eye is glued on the runway to ensure that you’re always perfectly trendy.

Love always

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