Imagine yourself running to the kitchen grabbing your flings , putting them in a bowl. Don’t forget your Barbie water bottle and your blanket ! Oh, how easy were the times ready to be all snuggly In front of the TV on a Saturday.
Us at Zaynah are here to bring back the warmth of that memory!

Let’s start with a little quiz:

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Would you rather:

  1. Spend your day shopping and getting a piercing
  2. Have a picnic with your friends while reading a book
  3. A full spa day, with a root touch up at your nearest salon

Can’t leave the house without:

  1. Your mascara and deep brown lip liner
  2. Your water bottle with cucumber and lemons
  3. Your hair in the perfect waves

Your eye color:

  1. Brown
  2. Green
  3. Blue
barbie collage | Barbie princess, Barbie pink, Barbie life

Take your pick:

  1. Ripped jeans
  2. Big ruffly sleeves
  3. A classic bodycon dress

The most featured color(s) in your closet:

  1. Black
  2. Neutrals
  3. Pinks and pastels

If you picked mainly number 1’s congratulations you edgy baddie you’re a BRATZ doll.

Fairy’s your most picked answer was number 2, you ethereal creatures.

All the fabulous Barbies you picked mostly number 3’s – we affirm your effort to always look put together.

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Let Zaynah dress you up- in a totally grown up way !

You need our black Nova Leather pant! Pair it with a black body suit , black doc martins and ofc a black leather jacket. Keep your foundation glowy , add in structure in your contour , black liner and overdrawn lips ! This look is full proof I’m making you look just the right amount of intimidating.

Our polka dress abaya in lavender is your go to! Pair it with a wooden wedge / espedrel ! A flowy chiffon hijab and a glossed up lip. We’ve had to ensure that your softness is translated into your look!

We need you to embody your put-togetherness with a 2 piece tailored suit in cream! Pair it with our shirt extender – the round cut in black to soften up the look and feed into your boss energy meets feminine queen! Tie your hair up into a high ponytail and rock a bright pink lippie!

Even though it gets harder to snuggle up by the TV on a Saturday morning , we can incorporate that warm feeling of being inspired ,of being care free in what we wear. Us at Zaynah will try our hardest to bring you those pockets of piece in what we design!

Can’t wait to see you boss babes embody the very things that once inspired you!

Love always,


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