How to style 90s trends

Let’s get right into some fashion theory before us at Zaynah guides you to styling yourself as if you freshly walked out of the 90s ! 

A trend cycle is compared to a a metaphorical washing machine that spins out similar style concepts every few years ! Due to the rise of social media ,production lines have sped up immensely meaning that runway pieces are filtered down in the fashion cycle at a much faster rate! Also meaning that styling trends occur at a much faster rate ! 

One ideology that never goes out of style is reference to the past , or “nostalgic recurrence” .Referencing the past with intent keeps you fashionable ! 

Now that we understand why it works let’s get into the fun stuff ( we are always fun just by the way ) ;

  1. Flared Jeans 

Before skinny jeans straight and flaired pants reigned supreme! We see a resurgence of them in all our retail stores and for good reason! The silhouette is more loose and gives you space to breathe. Also being a gorgeous option for modest women. 


Combine a pair of light wash flair jeans with the Madison sweater in white with some cowboy booties for a hip vibe. 

  1. Platform shoes

Some people shy away from platform shoes as they seem like such a dramatic style choice but if shopped with consciousness the consumer can find a platform that matches their personal style. Whether it be drama or something more sleek! The platform style can be found in boots, sandals and even sneakers ! 


Sienna suede pants in black ! With a oversized knit sweater in pink and fenty x Puma pink platforms ! This look will be balanced with the feminine elements of pink and the more fearless contrast with bulky platforms ! Giving you elegance and edge!

  1. Corsets

Corsets had a resurgence from the past and the resurgence in the 90s and then another one in 2021 ! See, we told you nostalgic resurgence exists ! 

From the Victorian era all the way to the Tik Tok age . The piece highlights the natural body of the wearer giving them shape and control especially of the waist! 


A black boned corset over the Milano dress in Rose will add shape to the body while a flow remains below the waist. The contrast of colors and textures will create shape and overall aesthetic pleasure. Paired with a black clutch and stiletto heels ! 

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