Adding a Pop of Colour to your Minimal Wardrobe

Modest does not have to mean boring! There are so many benefits to a minimal wardrobe, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that this means settling for a plain or drab wardrobe. With the right combination of major and minor colours and clever use of some accessories, even the plainest of outfits can pop with colour – and as is often the case, with colour less is usually more.

By using minor colours to accessorise and break up solid monochrome outfits to create eye-catching looks. Not sure what we mean? Let me show you some examples from our catalogue.

Even when wearing plain white, a splash of colour in your hijab can transform your entire outfit. Our instant hijabs and magnetic hijab pins make throwing on whatever colour you feel like quick and easy, and allows you to get many looks from a single outfit.

If just the hijab isn’t enough, our shirt extenders can help you enhance your look further by breaking up your main colour in your midsection just like the hijab breaks it up at the top. Add shoes into this mix, and you have so many options to play around with. You could have your shoes, hijab and skirt match, or be all different colours, or have two match and one contrast.

By having a few fabulous monochrome outfits like our Adara and Sia Suede Sets or our Taylor Linen Suits that you can then augment with the right colour combinations of headwear (like a hijab or hat), midwear (like a skirt or a belt) and footwear, you can not only get multiple looks from a few simple combinations, but also have your colours reflect your mood on the day. The more you play around with colours, the more you will learn what works well and what’s best avoided. If you are just starting out, complimentary colours are easier to pull off, and clashing colours should be kept minimal (for example, have only your footwear, or midwear, or headwear clash with your main colour, not two or three of them).

If you are curious about colour theory, here’s a handy quick reference guide to help you get started:

Never underestimate the impact a bold colour can have if used subtly with a modest outfit. Remember that you can turn each outfit into several looks through clever combinations of colourful accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Colour has a huge effect on human psychology, and you can use this to enhance the way you present yourself to the world, and how beautiful you make the world around you. Why not start with your wardrobe? 

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