A Leap into Closet Essentials

Let’s get real for a second – we all have at least one of those items in our closet that we’ve only worn once, if at all. Some of us (including yours truly) have way too many of these little fashion indiscretions cluttering up our closets, and the solution can’t always be to just get more closet space. So today, let’s look at what can be considered closet essentials, but only after taking a moment to think about why a minimal closet is a good thing.

There’s a very well-documented little trap in our brains, that psychologists call the ‘paradox of choice’. Basically, the more things you have to choose from, the less happy you are going to be with whatever choice you end up making. If you have a choice of hundreds of outfits and combinations, you’ll have hundreds of reasons to second-guess the one you eventually had to settle on. 

A closet filled with a few select outfits carefully selected to be able to combine in interesting and elegant ways. Not only will this let you refine your own unique style on entirely new levels, and elevate your look. It will also let you escape the daily mental tax you usually pay to the paradox of choice, and feel much more satisfied with every outfit you wear out of the house.

Now, what to keep, and what to give away? Here at Zynah, we have a few items that we consider timeless essentials to even the most minimal and fine-tuned of closets. Our classic Taylor linen suit is an absolute must, and pairs very well with our basic Tee, allowing you to mix up your colour scheme to match different accessories. 

We also strongly recommend one or two of our stunning Elana wrap dresses, for those times when you need to get going in a rush but still have to look elegant. ANd if the weather is a little chilly, our Serene blazer coat looks great with almost any outfit.

Lastly, when it comes to shoes and accessories, here you have a chance to really express your own unique aesthetic and add your own dash of personality to an outfit. But always make sure you bear in mind the colours of your wardrobe, and match accordingly.

Wondering what to do with all the things you no longer need after following this advice? Your local hospice, thrift store, or other donation-based charity would be more than happy to put them to good use.

If you keep it simple and stylish, easy and elegant, then les really is more and you can invest in quality instead of quantity.

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